Friday, October 17, 2014

Mood Afghan Day 1

Good morning crocheters. I happened upon a Facebook group yesterday where you crochet one motif a day to represent your mood, and then after a  year (or 52 weeks if you prefer) you've made enough motifs to make an afghan.

I thought that was a pretty cool idea and I've been wanting to make something with hexagons. So I found a size G hook and some worsted weight yarn and a tutorial on Pinterest and made my first piece.

I really wanted a smaller motif, but I don't have nearly enough fingering  yarn to carry off a project like this. The middle color is peach because I feel pretty peachy this morning. The red ring (which looks too orange in the phone on my monitor is RedHeart Cardinal which represents how passionate I feel right now, and the turquoise calms me and it's been calling to me from my desk for three days.

Considering how hectic my life is, I may end up making 3 or 4 motifs in a day and then none at all for a week, but in theory it is one a day. Care to join me?

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