Saturday, October 25, 2014

Thursday's and Friday's Hexies

Zingy colors

It got dark before I had a chance to join the new hexies last night.
I guess everyone interpreted the rules differently. I thought it meant 'see what mood you are in each day and choose colors accordingly' but it scrolling through the Facebook group I see many monochromatic afghans (as in all shades of brown or whatever). It makes my heart sing when I see multicolored afghans like mine though. I love color. The only time I would make a beige anything is if that was the only color available, like if I was in a prison camp or something.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mood Afghan Day 7

I have photos of all but today's hexagon. Today's is fuchsia, purple and yellow. I couldn't find my camera before the sun went down. After searching five or six shopping bags and 3 or 4 yarn project bags, I gave up in frustration. I decided to check my purse even though I don't remember putting it in there. And there is was. I like the way the photos came out and I posted them to the FB group for the mood blanket.

The first six hexagons.

I made this one at Fanciwerks in Apple Valley, CA.

If I sew them together as I go it won't be so daunting at the end.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Embellishing Buttons With Crochet

A photo has been going around Facebook of a crocheted button tutorial. Only the directions look like they are in Czech or Portuguese or something. I don't mind a challenge and my friend Lisa told me about them, so I fiddled around with some today. I have no idea if they are exactly right, but they are pretty so I bought 2 more colors and I'll whip some up for her. If you are going to try this, make sure your crochet hook fits in the button holes, and make sure you buy buttons with four holes. One of the holes has to have two loops through it so the flower will have five petals.

Two colored crocheted button.

I stuck them to some blue painter's tape so the wind wouldn't blow them away.

Mood Afghan Day 2 and 3

Yesterday I was really feeling the purple. I even bought some purple tulle.
Today I felt a lot different. I was looking forward to designing a fox hood and I was drawn to the colors I chose for that: Burnt pumpkin, cream, and coffee. Sounds like dessert. A very strange dessert.
Day 2: Feeling the purple and the sparkles.

I used these 'fox' colors today, but I guess I forgot to take a photo of my square.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Mood Afghan Day 1

Good morning crocheters. I happened upon a Facebook group yesterday where you crochet one motif a day to represent your mood, and then after a  year (or 52 weeks if you prefer) you've made enough motifs to make an afghan.

I thought that was a pretty cool idea and I've been wanting to make something with hexagons. So I found a size G hook and some worsted weight yarn and a tutorial on Pinterest and made my first piece.

I really wanted a smaller motif, but I don't have nearly enough fingering  yarn to carry off a project like this. The middle color is peach because I feel pretty peachy this morning. The red ring (which looks too orange in the phone on my monitor is RedHeart Cardinal which represents how passionate I feel right now, and the turquoise calms me and it's been calling to me from my desk for three days.

Considering how hectic my life is, I may end up making 3 or 4 motifs in a day and then none at all for a week, but in theory it is one a day. Care to join me?