Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Crocheting With Raffia

A new video I made on crocheting with raffia. I love the way crocheted raffia looks.  It's a natural fiber, and if you are vegan, it's a great substitute for animal fibers like wool, angora, or mohair.

It has all those ends to deal with though, and does require extreme patience at times. Still, I think the results of crocheting with raffia are worth it. And it makes great character hats.  You'll definitely have a one of a kind hat when you get done.  And raffia is fairly inexpensive. I get giant bundles of it at Frank's Cane and Rush in Huntington Beach CA.

You can also weave with raffia.  I've never tried knitting with it, but it would be a worthy experiment.
It also takes to dye well.  If my boyfriend is dyeing something, before he pours the batch out, I toss some raffia in there, then hang it to dry on the patio. 

Use it to make hats, purses, placemats, baskets.

So if you haven't tried crocheting with raffia, it's worth a try.

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