Saturday, December 13, 2008

Repurposing yarn

Today I was untangling some black and white yarn and found it was hooked to a project. It was a potholder in a pattern I learned to make as a child. It must have come from my boyfriend's grandmother's house. So it seems not only did I learn that pattern growing up in my family, but his family used the same pattern. So I'm finishing up the half finished potholder. I think there will be just enough yarn to finish it. I can tell by the label the yarn is probably 20 years old. Not that it seems to matter with acrylic. It seems a little stiff but I'm sure it will wash up just fine once I'm done. It feels good saving an old project from the trash pile. Granted, most crochet patterns aren't that easy to jump in at the middle and finish them right. There are some afghans in there I seriously doubt I will be able to finish. But I can add any pieces to freeform crochet items like vests, coats or purses. Nothing will go to waste that way.

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