Monday, December 12, 2005

Like mother like daughter.

I was crocheting on the Amtrak bus coming up from Santa Barbara, and I called my daughter in S.L.O. to tell her I'd be there in an hour so she could pick me up, and she was already there, crocheting. I held her curly white yarn project while she put my suitcases in the back. When I went to hand it back, I said,"Here's your poodle."
While I was here I went to the Michael's in S.L.O. and the one in Atascadero and got yarn. I also got yarn at Beverly's. Everyone has yarn on sale right now for the holidays. One lady had about 20 pairs of knitting needles in her basket and I said you must really like knitting. She laughed and said they were for Christmas gifts.

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